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Imagine growing your ideas AND forming an unstoppable team at scale. Let’s bring the secret sauce that unlocks your team's fullest potential and allows them to build on each other’s success.
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How I Help

Building products and businesses is hard. I bring my expertise from working on all sides of B2B tech and tech-enabled service companies to help founders, CEOs, team leaders, and their teams see the full picture and blaze a faster and more successful path ahead.
Turn your great idea into first customers and a v1 product people actually buy and use in a 1/10th of the time and cost.
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Fuel the next 10X of growth beyond the customer base and use cases that proved your product-market fit.
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Create the engagement, productivity, and wellbeing needed to achieve the highest possible ROI from every hire.
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Success Stories

Success is more than just doing a job—it's about creating real value in the eyes of customers. I love getting to the heart of an opportunity and equipping teams to see it through.
Standing Out in a Crowded Market

Together with the Redesign Health venture discovery team, we answered, “why us, why not others, and why now,” to secure a $4 million seed investment to form a company to drive efficiencies in health plan clinical review for utilization management nurses. Defined the differentiated service and product capabilities and the go-to-market motion that is expected to reduce the time to first customer go-live from three years to three months. Continue to advise on sales value prop definition, contracting approaches, and product development methods.

Leading 5X Growth Through 45% Headcount Decline

Over a two year period, engineering headcount across the core end-to-end solution area declined from 70 to 40 in a division of a healthtech generating 8 figures of revenue in an organization generating 9 figures in revenue. In that time, by creating a clear commitment to critical customer and business outcomes, consistent prioritization, and empowered decision-making, we generated 30-50% annual revenue growth, translating to a nine figure increase in revenue and eight figure increase in profit. We also increased connectivity across the prescription drug market from 72% to 95%, achieving a dominant market position while managing 100% annual transaction growth with decreased downtime events and on-call escalations.


Brian is a systems thinker and an elite problem solver. He leads teams to simplify and standardize delivery processes to drive success in ways that manage resources adeptly. He’s able to recognize growth opportunities and more importantly drive them through to create revenue for the organization. He excels at balancing the needs and interests of clients and the organization to ensure that everyone wins and wins together. In summary, I can simply state that Brian is one of my most trusted colleagues, and I have tremendous faith in his abilities to solve tough and meaningful problems.

Tony Bagshaw
Chief Improvement Officer,
Battelle for Kids

Brian has helped me get connected with key partners and countless resources, and most importantly with myself as a founder. Having someone in your corner that asks thoughtful and sometimes difficult questions is everything when you are trying to build something new. If you are a founder looking to have a support system in place—Brian is your guy.

Krystina Dowdell

Empowering Incredible Organizations

For the past 15 years, I’ve helped startups and organizations of all types, sizes, and maturity level across four industries grow their business in complex and complicated multi-sided markets.

Now, I partner with Founders, CEOs, Product Managers, team leaders, and their teams to enable everyone in the organization to drive faster, profitable, and more sustainable growth.

We create focus, alignment, and collaboration between leadership and individual contributors in ways that bring the team together and create working cultures people love and protect.
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