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Hi, I’m Brian, and my purpose in life is to unlock the full potential of people and ideas so that everyone wakes up each day feeling valued, productive, and fulfilled and so that we can make the world the best possible place it can be.
My first job—as in, where I was paid for completing tasks to the satisfaction of a person not related to me—was at a car wash almost 30 years ago at 11 years old.
Since those early days of washing cars in the Texas heat, I have worked in multiple industries and in nearly every B2B SaaS function working with teams to ideate, create, deliver, and enhance valuable products and tech-enabled services.
In that time, I’ve developed a love for creating products and experiences that unburden humans from things we weren’t meant to do to give us more time and energy to do the things we are—explore, create connection, and solve meaningful problems.
In all that I do, I draw out the skills, talents, and passions of teams and equip them with perspectives, mindsets, and tools that empower them to grow great ideas as a cohesive unit. I work to make it simple, fast, and effective for teams to have clear focus, stay aligned, and act decisively together.
As a creator, I’m passionate about drawing inspiration and insights from ordinary things and encouraging and celebrating the efforts and accomplishments of others.

Career Highlights

  • Uncovered unique insights and approaches to define the product strategy and go-to-market motions that led to $4M in seed funds to launch a promising health tech business.
  • Pioneered a 0-to-1 solution for large-scale change management at a Fortune 100 company, driving decision making, progress reporting, and resource prioritization in minutes rather than days or weeks.
  • Led cross-functional teams and clients through significant volatility to enhance a multi-sided, network-based health tech solution to 450,000 daily active users, 30-60% annual revenue growth, and 100% annual transaction growth generating 9-figure revenue and operating profit, annually.
  • Led experience design and enabled product marketing and customer success for a 0-to-1 AI-enabled, network-based health tech solution that achieved adoption and automation levels of 15x industry standards at launch.
  • Grew and led EdTech and services engagements representing $2.5M ARR to margins at 5x organizational expectations, resulting in desired customer outcomes, high client satisfaction, renewals, cross sales, and two industry awards for software innovation. Consistently produced process improvements to standardize service delivery and inside sales, reducing errors and rework upwards of 90% and labor costs 25-50% per implementation.

Values I live and work by

People first
Everything in business—as in life—is done by, with, and through people. We with through our team.
Everyone is entitled to the agency to be their most authentic self in ways that enable others to be their authentic selves as well.
Everyone deserves environments where they feel respected, honored, and appreciated and can use and grow their talents to the greatest extent possible.
We are connected to others in everything we do. No one is an island unto themselves. Success is a function of our interconnectedness.
Life is a journey of learning that comes in many forms and from all directions, both formal and informal. Learning happens best through doing.
Our capacity for impact is a function of how we honor our commitments to each other, either by keeping our promises or making others whole when we fall short.

Where to find me

LinkedIn: Where I share insights about B2B SaaS, startup scaling, product leadership, product management, and employee engagement. Let’s connect on LinkedIn.

‍Blog: I've written dozens of pieces over the years, and I plan to collect them and start writing more consistently on my b26n Substack. Thoughts that don't fit neatly into 1,250 characters will go here.
‍Mentoring: I’m a mentor on various platforms and communities such as Product Makers, the Product Board Slack, and the RevGenius community.

I mentor product managers looking to take their skills to the next level (and get promoted or change organizations), and I mentor entrepreneurs, particularly those who are entering SaaS for the first time. I can save first-time entrepreneurs $100,000s of dollars and years of time on their early product development.

I also make introductions to others if I'm not the best fit for your mentorship needs. If you'd like to explore mentorship, you can reach me at hello@b26n.com.
Contact: It's generally pretty easy to get ahold of me. You can reach me on LinkedIn, by email at hello@b26n.com, by calling or texting me, or scheduling a paid consult via my Calendly.

My Story

How it all began

As a kid, I wanted to be an engineer. When the rovers went up to Mars in the late '90s, I was sold—I was going to be an aerospace engineer.

I was firmly headed down that path until mid-way through fall of my sophomore year of college. Something changed in me—at the time, I didn't know what, but I knew I was not where I was meant to be.

I scoured through the two-inch thick course catalogue, expecting the right thing to announce itself from its pages. Yet after months of soul-searching, I still felt undecided. Communications seemed interesting enough to at least minor in, so I jumped into that.

That decision would come to change everything.

I would pour myself into studies and experiences that taught me about how people and organizations think and behave and how people come together to create real and lasting impact.

I would uncover my passion and talent for building systems and teams that create transformation through purpose and connection.

I embraced a journey of challenge and support from peers, mentors, and advisors that revealed my personal purpose and passion to solve difficult problems that make a real difference for people in the world.

Uncovering my calling

I had an incredibly transformational undergraduate experience, and I wanted to equip and enable others to have that for themselves. So, I set on a path to become a Student Affairs professional, which essentially required that I go to graduate school.

In my higher education graduate program, there was an opportunity to add another masters in human resource management from the business school. I reluctantly added a third year of graduate school, but looking back, that was one of the most consequential decisions to uncovering my calling.

Those two programs together revealed to me that I am a person who is both highly aspirational and highly practical. For me, it's not enough to have great ideas about what the world can be. We must also steward those ideas through teams and with discipline and focus.

My graduate experience would shift my my focus from "what" to "why"—from being a member of a specific profession to being fueled by a mission to work with other passionate and talented people to solve difficult problems that make meaningful results for real people.

Fueled by this sense of purpose, I would dive deep into work I probably had no business doing as a mid- to late-20s professional, but I did it anyway, and loved it and excelled at it.

I was lucky to find organizations—with leaders, managers, and peers—that supported, challenged, and empowered me to make the biggest possible difference I could make.

Having seen the power of that experience first hand, it became my mission to create that for as many people as I could throughout my career and life.

The pivot out, and back

About five years into my formal career—all with the same not-for-profit company—I decided it was time for a change.

Initially, my search was all over the place and going no where.

I had spent the past 5-10 years doing product management, change management, project management, consulting, and account management. I was looking for roles where I could do all of that, but those were few and far between, and corporate recruiters were wary of whether my background would translate to their environment.

That's when I got the advice to focus on a specific niche and go at it aggressively.

Of all the paths in front of me, I picked change management, because I loved the idea that organizations don't evolve unless the people in them choose to change in ways that work for them and the organization.

Once I niched down, I quickly landed a role as a change lead at a large corporate company. Early on I loved it, but I would soon come to realize—just as I had with my major during my college years—that I wasn't exactly where I was meant to be.

When I started in my role, it was quickly apparent that our technology and processes—spreadsheets and powerpoints—were not adequate for the magnitude of changes we were managing.

I immediately got to work creating and deploying new apps and methods for managing our work. I was so exciting to build my own product and solve a real (and rather large) problem and enable hundreds of people to level-up their impact.

That's when I realized that my true work passion was working in product and technology.

I love take crazy, huge, ambitious ideas about what the world can be and turn them into real things that move people and ideas forward.

Product is a discipline of curiosity, discovery, and problem solving. Of trial and error. Of persisting and overcoming to reach an not-yet-existant future through an uncharted path.

I loved how product brings out both a spirit of adventure and a focus on utility and value.
It aligned perfectly with my personal emphasis on aspiration and practicality.

And when the opportunity emerged, I pivoted back to it and never looked back.


In 2015, I said (somewhat arrogantly) "In 10-15 years, I'm going to be the COO of a small- to mid-sized products and services company."

I did not envision that goal because I wanted to be "in charge."

I aspired to that goal, because I love equipping and enabling teams of smart, talented, and hard working people to do remarkable things in cohesive and empowering ways.

Today, I'm much closer to that goal (and its admittedly arbitrary timeline) than I expected I would be, but my focus has shifted somewhat.

I started b26n, in part, so that I could rather than making an impact in just one company, I can amplify the impact of many leaders across many organizations and ideas.

When I was a teenager, I wanted to create a world where everyone could wake up feeling valued by their employer and that they had the greatest chance possible to bring their best self to do their best work.

Back then, I didn't realize just how many people 7 (now 8) billion people are, but now, I don't care. I will always work to make that dream a reality for as many people as possible—and I'm excited to work with others who share in that cause.

How I help people and organizations grow

Priority alignment
Eliminate the drama that results from people operating from different—and conflicting—priorities by speaking with a clear and unified voice on what the business is optimizing for.
Ideal Customer Profile
Enable greater and more consistent value delivery from product and engineering by driving visibility into the needs, pain points, and buying methods of the people paying for your solution.
Opportunity Mapping
Pursue the highest value retention, expansion, and growth opportunities by creating clarity and alignment across sales, product, and operations on what outcomes matter most for customers and users.
Product Discovery
Spend significantly less time, effort, and money figuring out what customers need and will pay for through experimentation and outcome-based problem solving.
Go to Market Enablement
Accelerate the speed from initial customer touch points through contracting and to product activation by demystifying product value through the buyer and implementation experiences.
Onboarding Success
Know—don't guess—what creates unbreakable customer engagement and uncover the journey that guides customers from initial adoption to complete adoption and utilization of the full product portfolio.
Product Org Structure
Create unstoppable teams with a strong sense of ownership by equipping them with clarity on what customer outcomes and business goals they own and methods to inspect progress together.
Dev and Delivery Optimization
Make product and project managers the most cohesive team in the company by implementing simple—yet uncommon—methods to ensure product changes create win-wins for customers and the business.
Manager Enablement
Become a talent magnet and productivity powerhouse by equipping managers to tap into the full passion and potential of everyone on their teams.
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