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Nail the fundamentals to grow your B2B company in ways that make you feel excited about what you're working on who you're working on it with.
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Ways we partner

My purpose in life is to unlock the full potential of people and ideas so that everyone wakes up each day feeling valued, productive, and fulfilled and we make the world the best possible place it can be. We meet partners where they are to drive initial ideas to first customers and emerging products and services to scale.

Partnership Packages

per month
You need to drive your ambitious vision for the future to its first 1" x 1" foothold.

Together, we'll march from big idea to your first customer and a v1 of your product in 100 days.
  • Define the product vision
  • Test and validate the market for your concept
  • Test prototypes to determine what features produce customer value and business viability
  • Prioritize what to focus on now, next, and later
Hire me as a Fractional CPO
per month
You need to overcome the chaos and complexity that prevents 70% of companies from achieving scale.
Together, we'll build the right systems, methods, and tools to handle the next 10X of growth.
  • Align on priorities—market, customer, and business
  • Define customer KPIs and product goals that will fuel profitable growth
  • Align teams to goals in ways that drive engagement, inspectability, and results
  • Enhance speed-to-value for your product and delivery teams
Hire me as a Fractional Chief of Staff
per manager
You need to buck the trend of getitng less and less from each new person you hire.

Fortunately, there's a simple root cause for that problem, as managers account for up to 70% of an employee's engagement and productivity.

Together, we'll equip your managers with the uncommon yet highly effective tools to unlock their direct reports' full potential and productivity.
  • 360 assessment to uncover strengths and opportunities
  • Targeted learning and coaching over 30 days to build on strengths and close gaps on opportunities
  • Embrace the principles that unlock the full potential of everyone on their team
Hire me as a Manager Coach

Add-ons and Standalone Projects

Full-Code Development
per week
Solve your most pressing challenges and jump start your product investments with a talented team of problem solvers and a genuine agency partner.
No-Code Development
per project
Build a fully-functional, scalable web-app in weeks with a trusted full-stack team that non-technical teams can iterate on quickly and safely.
Market Intelligence
per engagement
Learn your market position, gain a competitive edge, or dive deep into customer preferences with in-depth market/competitor analysis and prospect intelligence.

Content and Coaching

Problem Solving Support
per month, $2,500 per year
Count on me to help you overcome your stickiest challenge month-over-over to grow your business from big idea to first customers to market leader.

You'll have me—and my many years of lessons learned the hard way—for whatever issues come your way.
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Pick my brain

60-minute Session
One of my superpowers is helping people uncover the heart of an issue so they can create paths forward. I don't tell you what to do, I help you see, assess, and navigate the full picture to you can take action and uncover the path ahead.
Book now $250

How I help people and organizations grow

Priority alignment
Eliminate the drama that results from people operating from different—and conflicting—priorities by speaking with a clear and unified voice on what the business is optimizing for.
Ideal Customer Profile
Enable greater and more consistent value delivery from product and engineering by driving visibility into the needs, pain points, and buying methods of the people paying for your solution.
Opportunity Mapping
Pursue the highest value retention, expansion, and growth opportunities by creating clarity and alignment across sales, product, and operations on what outcomes matter most for customers and users.
Product Discovery
Spend significantly less time, effort, and money figuring out what customers need and will pay for through experimentation and outcome-based problem solving.
Go to Market Enablement
Accelerate the speed from initial customer touch points through contracting and to product activation by demystifying product value through the buyer and implementation experiences.
Onboarding Success
Know—don't guess—what creates unbreakable customer engagement and uncover the journey that guides customers from initial adoption to complete adoption and utilization of the full product portfolio.
Product Org Structure
Create unstoppable teams with a strong sense of ownership by equipping them with clarity on what customer outcomes and business goals they own and methods to inspect progress together.
Dev and Delivery Optimization
Make product and project managers the most cohesive team in the company by implementing simple—yet uncommon—methods to ensure product changes create win-wins for customers and the business.
Manager Enablement
Become a talent magnet and productivity powerhouse by equipping managers to tap into the full passion and potential of everyone on their teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Empowering Incredible Organizations

For the past 15 years, I’ve helped startups and organizations of all types, sizes, and maturity level across four industries grow their business in complex and complicated multi-sided markets.

Now, I partner with Founders, CEOs, Product Managers, team leaders, and their teams to enable everyone in the organization to drive faster, profitable, and more sustainable growth.

We create focus, alignment, and collaboration between leadership and individual contributors in ways that bring the team together and create working cultures people love and protect.