What Partners Say About Us

Brian is a systems thinker and an elite problem solver. He leads teams to simplify and standardize delivery processes to drive success in ways that manage resources adeptly. He’s able to recognize growth opportunities and more importantly drive them through to create revenue for the organization. He excels at balancing the needs and interests of clients and the organization to ensure that everyone wins and wins together. In summary, I can simply state that Brian is one of my most trusted colleagues, and I have tremendous faith in his abilities to solve tough and meaningful problems.

Tony Bagshaw
Chief Improvement Officer,
Battelle for Kids

Brian has helped me get connected with key partners and countless resources, and most importantly with myself as a founder. Having someone in your corner that asks thoughtful and sometimes difficult questions is everything when you are trying to build something new. If you are a founder looking to have a support system in place—Brian is your guy.

Krystina Dowdell

Brian became a familiar face and an active ally and participant with our women's ERG. As Chair of the ERG, I observed his passionate support and insightful comments over several months, at which point I asked him to be on the leadership team.

Serving alongside Brian was an honor and a joy. His ability to model, encourage and emulate what male allyship should look like in the workplace made him a valuable asset to our success. He contributed his presence and time wherever needed.

He continued to champion women's issues up until the day he left the company and I had come to rely on him as a trusted advisor. Any organization would be fortunate to have Brian for his commitment to product development, his acumen for organizational development, and his ability to create opportunities of inclusion and equity.

Mary Agbovi
Director of Legal Operations,

Brian is excellent at taking client "prescribed" solutions, teasing out the problem statement, and working collaboratively with the client to find the best solution for both their business and ours.

I really love having Brian heavily involved in client conversations and discovery sessions because he knows the right questions to ask to drive the discussion forward and dig deeper into the problem that is trying to be solved.

He has a great understanding of our business and tech, its limitations, and thinking creatively about how to solve problems that benefit clients and our business.

He has a great relationship with our clients - I truly believe they respect him, value his opinion, and see him as a partner who is looking out for the best interest of all sides

Brad Sheely
Vice President of Account Management,

What many people don’t realize or often acknowledge is that product management is, in great part, an exercise in the art of change management — every new idea and new release is a change for teammates, customers, and the market. Brian’s diverse background in consulting and change management contributes to his product management experience, combining all the ingredients required for product success.

Whitney Eubanks
VP of Product,

Brian is one of the most creative, thoughtful problem solvers I know. He pairs strong quantitative and qualitative reasoning for an extremely robust toolkit. He was always the voice asking if we were solving the right business problem, and his ability to frame and breakdown complex scenarios made it easy for others to work with him. I'd highly recommend bringing in his perspective to help identify, scope, and overcome your challenges and opportunities.

Joshua Smith
Lead UX Researcher,

One thing that really stood out to me after connecting with Brian is how invested he is. Right from day one he has been nothing but kind, supportive, curious, and helpful. He takes a keen approach to exploring and learning, and offers a LOT of great guidance and advice. I am always quick to recommend Brian!

Santiana Brace
Product Manager,

Brian is a deeply strategic doer. He is unwilling to get stuck on solving symptoms and has a super power for getting all the way to the root of the problem.

He's product leader who does more than just build products that make customers happy and make our business money. He leads teams to build products engineers are proud to call their own.

Any team that wants to learn how to balance speed to value with commitment to quality should talk to Brian—you won’t regret it.

Chris Long
SVP of Technology,
Loop Returns

Brian is the perfect balance of knowledgeable, empowering and empathetic. He was an ideal mentor and teammate as I navigated making an impact on our customers and products. While keeping true to our customer and product mission, Brian went out of his way to ensure I was working towards my career goals and personal goals in all that I did.

He gave my talents time in the spotlight to gain visibility throughout our company and with our customers while also developing my product-oriented skills that I was hungry to improve upon (ex. user research and product marketing). As our team's leader, I could approach Brian with any issue or idea and always receive his undivided support. Beyond work, he is the ultimate champion of personal well-being.

Brian has impact my present and my future in so many ways—I look forward to working with him again in the future!

Rohit Bachal
Senior Sales Engineer,

Considering a career pivot, I joined a product mentorship community where I met Brian as a mentor. Unsure what to expect during our first meeting, I quickly realized his sole focus was to listen and learn about me. We talked about our experiences in product, life, and being kids of the 80’s. Brian is personable and welcoming, with a knack for teasing out pain points and building fellowship.

His sage advice and wisdom have led me to explore the human aspects of product leadership more deeply. My experience with Brian has been invaluable to my career development. Without hesitation, I recommend Brian’s expertise to any individual or organization looking to truly deliver on their product mission.

Verena Bryan

Brian is one of those people you can’t remember how you met, but you are so glad you did. He seems to know everyone and is always ready to help and provides insights beyond just product, including market fit and how to navigate go-to-market.

He has the experience of many people in one—his approaches and frameworks are always insightful and original, and he shares them openly with others.

He gets to know your motivations and what makes you tick as a founder, and then taps into it to make sure it translates into how you approach growing your company. I would highly recommend Brian to any founder looking to build and scale their business.

Shanna Greathouse

Brian was a pivotal mentor to me early on in my consulting and change management career. He helped me establish my consulting style that has helped me grow and succeed in my career. He taught me how to manage stakeholders and drive decision making using both analytics and personal connection—skills I still use in all of my projects today.

And most importantly, Brian challenged me as I uncovered what executive presence means to me and supported me as I defined it in ways that reflect who I am and the person I aspire to be. I have always appreciated his willingness to coach and teach me so that I would understand more about myself, who I want to become, and how I want to operate in my career.

Timothy Rieser
Organizational Change Manager,
Factual Data

Brian stepped into a complicated and complex situation and quickly established himself as an expert in his craft and differentiated himself through his expertise in people, analytics, and technology. And even more, Brian never hesitated to lend a hand to colleagues and teammates or to freely give thought leadership throughout the enterprise. I greatly appreciated his presence and his dedication to our team.

Lauren Wilson
Chief of Staff–Annuities,

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